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Large stock

At 4x4center.nl we have a large stock as standard. That is why you can count on us for immediate delivery without long waiting times. In addition, we like to take you as a dealer into account. That is why we keep your most popular models in stock for you if wished so. This way we can offer you even better service and flexibility.

Premium brands

At 4x4center.nl we stand for a careful selection of premium brands. The high quality of our off-road products is central to this. We leave nothing to chance: our products are extensively tested by us for off-road travel. Therefore we can always guarantee high quality for you.

Transparant communication

Clear communication throughout the entire process: from orientation and purchase to service and aftercare. That is evident at 4x4center.nl. Clear communication is pleasant for all parties and shows respect and appreciation. We would like to keep you and your customers informed in advance of, among other things, delivery times and extra options. Accordingly, both you and your customers always know what to expect from us.

Decades of experience

Since 2002 we have been working with our family business on off-road vehicles. Knowledge and passion were passed on from father to son. This experience for decades is reflected in our entire business operation. From our expert point of view to our extensive network, from our knowledge to our high-quality products.

  • Large market expansion
  • Huge dealer discount
  • Personal customer service

Passion for the profession

4x4center.nl is not just a seller: we maintain love and passion for off-road vehicles and everything that comes with it! Therefore we think it is important that other 4x4 drivers also enjoy using their off-road vehicle. We do everything we can to keep you and your customers 100% satisfied. That way we share our passion!

Always up-to-date

Trends, changes in the market, new innovations… At 4x4center.nl we are always up-to-date. We follow developments closely via trade fairs, (online) newsletters and our close contacts in the (international) market. We proactively look for new products, matching models and new options.

Careful selection of suppliers

We personally visit all our suppliers. This way we know exactly who we are doing business with and we can assure a careful selection of good products. We are always looking for high quality and the latest products. We like to stay ahead in the 4x4 industry!

Wide range

Whether it concerns accessories for interior, exterior, expedition, storage, or electricity: at 4x4center.nl you will find a very wide range of products for off-road vehicles. We have no fewer than 1500 products in stock from more than 25 renowned brands in the 4x4 industry. Are you still missing something in our range? Please let us know: together we will look for the product of your choice!

Dealership means we have to work together

We work closely with our dealers. We do this by putting together the right collection, promotions and collaborations together with the dealer.

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Personal advice

One 4x4 is not the other. And that also applies to the brands and products that we sell. One product is strong in heavy work, the other excels in design and appearance. In addition, your customers are naturally looking for an accessory that fits their vehicle. At 4x4center we are therefore happy to provide you with personal advice in order to keep your customers 100% satisfied!

Marketing support

At 4x4center.nl we believe in the power of collaboration. That is why we are happy to join forces with you in the field of marketing and communication, allowing us to provide you with professional marketing material so that you can better inform and inspire your customers. We love to share our top products with you so that both you and us benefit from it. Together we are stronger!

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